I Am Blown Away By This Man’s Generosity!

Sal Dimiceli is truly doing God’s work. Watch and be inspired by his selfless acts.

Through his newspaper column and his nonprofit organization, Sal Dimiceli helps people in need with food, rent and other necessities. He’s truly doing God’s work and his selfless acts are not only uplifting to the families he helps, but inspiring to all of us whom have the capacity to reach out to our neighbors and help them in their time of need.

We all may not have the means that Sal Dimiceli does, but we should all step up, follow his lead and try harder to pay it forward. Jesus teaches us that giving and sharing should be a core part of our life. What can you do today to help a neighbor in need.

God Bless Sal and may he inspire a million people to follow in his footsteps!