Student-athletes do not have it easy, do they? In addition to having to complete all of their coursework, they must also make time to practice and train.

How do these kids manage to do their homework and travel to and from games? It is a mystery to us but these kids work very hard to straddle the line between athletics and schoolwork. Just take the rowing team at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, for instance.

Photo: Plougmann

They take all of their responsibilities as seriously as possible, including the ones that they have to their community. It would be easy for these kids to neglect the world around them because they have so much else that they need to focus on but they never allow themselves to lose sight of the bigger picture.

When a local widow had a request for them, they knew that they had to honor it. The rowing team was making their way out onto the water for a practice session when they happened to find a handwritten note. They shared the note on Twitter, explaining that they do not know where it came from but they knew that it was very important to the widow in question. The note is enough to break anyone’s heart and these kids had the perfect reaction.

“Please can someone throw this into the lake for me? My late husband’s ashes are in the lake and I can’t get to the lakeside in my wheelchair anymore + gates are locked — have to drive back up north tonight. Thank you x,” the note read. They brought the rose that was attached to the note out to the lake and they wanted to know where it came from.

“This note was left on the gate at the water this afternoon. No name or number left but whoever you are, rest assured your rose is in place in the middle of the lake,” the official Twitter account for the rowing team tweeted.

Photo: Twitter/@BVGSRowing

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that they were able to track down the widow responsible for leaving the rose. Hopefully she was able to see that they fulfilled her wish.

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