This Turns Into The Most Amazing Bakery Item I’ve Ever Seen!

The internet has fallen in love with these rainbow beauties, and you will too once you get a glimpse of how they’re made. It’s a must-see!

They’re here, and New Yorkers are all over them! Twenty years ago, The Bagel Store in Brooklyn came up with a (literally) brilliant idea: rainbow bagels. Today, they’ve gone viral, exploding across the internet in a wave of rainbow-colored, funfetti-sprinkled deliciousness. It’s like the internet is saying, “How did we not know about these?!”

After the rainbow bagels became a huge hit, other restaurants and food bloggers followed suit. Everywhere on the internet now, there are rainbow cakes, rainbow pancakes, rainbow donuts, and rainbow sushi burritos. Yes, rainbow sushi burritos! Rainbow-themed food has become a phenomenon.

This all happened because of the vibrant bagel delicacies that became a hot seller. The lines at The Bagel Store sometimes stretches out of the store, and they’re totally worth the wait. You’ve got to see for yourself how these beauties are made! There’s something immensely satisfying about the process. I could watch them cut into that big mound of colorful dough a hundred times and never get sick of it!

Take a look!