Prom Night Scooter Surprise


In a the small town of Braymer, Missouri, a young teenager wanted to go to prom with his crush. Kent Brown, a Senior at Braymer High School was this teenager and Courtney Cox, who graduated from Braymer the year before, was his crush. Kent was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as a young child. One of his favorite hobbies is to ride his scooter all over town.

Kent built up the courage and asked Courtney, his crush all through Jr. High and high school, to attend his senior prom with him. She said yes right away! He was so happy and excited that he went around telling everyone in town. On the day of the prom, Kent went to go pick up Courtney with his brother, so they could go to dinner before the grand march.

Courtney came up with the perfect idea to have two scooters decorated to match their prom attire since that was one of Kent’s favorite things to do. Courtney Cox and Kent Brown rode up to their prom on scooters that was decorated with bright green and pink ribbons. Family and Friends took pictures for and then they were off to show the town their sweet rides; passing by all the limousines and fancy cars on their scooters. The town of Braymer that night applauded and cheered on the couple as they passed through town. That night not only did Courtney make Kent’s dream come true, but he also gave her the best prom she could have ever asked for. That was memory that will forever be cherished by them and all their loved ones. It goes to show that no matter who you are and what disabilities you may have; dreams can always come true!

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