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Today’s Prayer Requests: People who need the bible in their language-Your Country’s Elected Government-Your Local Preschools


Feel free to print this page to pray throughout the day.

People who need the bible in their language

While Bibles exist in many languages, there are still translations that need to made, and updates and refinements to existing copies. To see what getting the Bible in your own language really means, check this out!

Father, Thank you for the tireless effort of translators, giving their time and years of life to offer the peoples of this world the words of life from the Bible in their own language. Give them strength, Father to keep pursuing this great task; Give them Peace and Joy, for the work they have already done, and the Courage and Hope to continue, knowing that their labor is not in vain. Bless them this day. Thank you for your great plan for all of us. Amen

Your Country’s Elected Government

Whether you voted for them or not, your country’s elected officals preside over, fund and manage many of the day-today things we often take for granted.

Father, today we ask that you give guidance and wisdom to the elected officials of this country. As men and women in power and leadership in this country, they steward many things that we rely on every day. Give them strength to stand for their convictions, wisdom to make the right choices, and courage to be the voice of reason as situations arise. Father, we thank you for your faithfulness- that no matter who is in office, you are still on the throne. Bless these people and make them peacemakers and people of hope. Amen

Your Local Preschools

“Little ones to Him belong,” as it says in the song, “Jesus Loves Me,” talks about how much God loves and cares for the little ones just starting out in school.

Father, Thank you for the wonderful teachers, administrators and others who are helping to teach today’s very young people. Empower them to act in kindness, fairness, and humility with each child; let them be listening ears and loving guides as these children begin the journey of learning. Let the children be open to new concepts and teaching, and give them joy and peace as they enter the world of learning. Thank you for your care of little children and those that guide their education. Amen