Prayer… A Simple Dialogue

Prayer is dialogue between you and God. He’s waiting for you to speak with Him. Don’t let all the distractions of the world come between that meaningful conversation you could be having with God.
Read this wonderful poem from contributor Dan Doyle, that shows one believer’s desire to seek God and God’s desire to be sought.

A Simple Dialogue Prayer


I see the arrow of your prayer
is pulled taught in your bow,
ready to be let fly.

Let it go then.
Hold back no more the
deep hope of your heart.

Speak then! I wait.


Oh, if it were possible,
I would shoot my words
only at Your truth,

But too many desires
for far lesser things,
have thrown off my aim.

I am dulled by them.
I have grown week.
Help me, Master!

I am lost and wish
only to be found.
Guide my steps, Lord,

back into the Garden.
Give me your grace
That I might come home.


Come, then, My beloved.
Keep your eyes on Me.
You will never lose The Way.

by Dan Doyle

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