Pentatonix Offers Their Best – Even Without a Drum

The Christmas classic Little Drummer Boy reminds us that all we can give is a simple gift.

The Christmas classic “Little Drummer Boy” reminds us that all we can give is a simple gift. Pentatonix, the vocal group catapulted to stardom from The Sing-Off, doesn’t even bring a drum! These five voices blend into beautiful harmonies with a modern arrangement of the popular favorite.


Each year it seems Christmas grows more and more extravagant. Black Friday shopping has stretched from one day to a whole week, the latest gifts have gone from dolls and trucks to iPads – even for little kids! In this consumer culture we live in, especially around the holidays, it’s easy to forget that humble night in a stable all those years ago.


While “Little Drummer Boy” isn’t a story we find in scripture, it certainly captures the humility we should all have during this season – and always. It’s not about flashy gifts and keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, but about God sending his Son down to earth to be born amongst the cattle instead of lauded as a king, like so many thought he would be.

Get in the spirit of offering your best to the Lord with the video below!