When He Promised to Spend His Life With Her, He Never Expected This…But He’s Going Nowhere.

Four year’s of a fight with Alzheimer’s revealed something beautiful in this family: the deep and abiding strength of a marriage built on love.

Pam White had a full life. In her 67 years, she has raised three happy children, enjoyed a rewarding career as a social worker and been a devoted partner to her husband, Ed. But, as she puts it, “There’s just one little glitch.” In 2009, at age 61, she was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. When her son, filmmaker Banker White, moved back in with his parents to help with the struggle, he started recording their conversations. And what the next four years revealed was the deep and abiding strength of his parents’ marriage – that he shared in this video. Pam may have forgotten, but this is a marriage to remember.