Overflowing Love

May we all overflow with love for each other as Christ’s love overflowed for us!

Recently I was reading from 1st Thessalonians and I came across this verse that really made me stop and think.  It says, “May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you (1Th. 3:12).”  Paul’s words almost seem like a prayer of commitment and dedication. He is telling a young pastor named Timothy the importance of love and Christian unity. Often times we read a passage of Scripture or sing a praise song where we declare or make commitments to God through our words.  But I had to stop and ask myself, do I really live the thoughts behind this verse?  Do I really seek to show an overflowing type of love for my neighbor?


These are tough questions indeed.  Most of us would say that we strive to love our neighbor more every day.  Even 2000 years ago the followers of Jesus understood this biblical principle.  When the Pharisees, asked Jesus which was the greatest commandment of the entire Law, Jesus stated that loving our neighbor is second only to loving the Lord God.  Jesus gave us a summary statement of how to live the Christian life by boiling everything down to loving God and loving our neighbors.  Loving our neighbor is obviously very important to Jesus.

Even though we know that we are to love, it is often difficult to follow through with appropriate actions.  Instead we want to love ourselves.  Scripture tells us that our very own heart is deceitfully wicked and cannot be trusted.  Living the Christian life is not easy but it sure is worth it.  Showing love to people is rewarding and will often break down barriers and allow us to share the message of Jesus.

My hope and prayer is that you will be a Christian that shows this type of overflowing love not only to your friends but to neighbors and co-workers and everyone that God brings into our life.

In Christ alone,

Pastor Daryl

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