One Day’s Wages

We feel compelled to share this amazing organization with all of you. The passionate founders of the non-profit organization One Day’s Wages donated their 2009 salary in hopes of inspiring others to simply donate one day’s wages towards ending extreme global poverty. Witness their generosity and Bless them for carrying out God’s work. Perhaps their story will inspire you to join the forces of good who fight the complex battle against extreme global poverty?


One Day’s Wages (ODW) is a new MOVEMENT of People, Stories, and Actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.

ODW was started by an average family – a pastor of a small church, his wife, and their three children – who chose to donate their entire 2009 salary – in hopes of inspiring people to simply donate their one day’s wages (0.4% of one’s annual salary) at least once/year.

We don’t have to be rock stars, billionaires, or famous. We can all make an impact. ODW is you, me, us, and them: giving, dreaming, and working together. Join the movement:

You can also find them on Facebook at

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