Fred And Lorraine Spent 75 Years Together… His Song In Her Memory WILL Make You Cry

When they launched a songwriting contest, little did Green Shoe Studio know that their hearts would be captured by a song with no melody or music.

When Green Shoe Studio launched a songwriting contest for the Peoria, Illinois area, they expected local amateurs to upload their work to YouTube. Little did they know that what would truly capture their hearts would have no melody, no music, nor would they even hear it. Fred Stobaugh, whose wife had passed away shortly before, was inspired to sing alone one night in the living room they had shared for decades. He mailed in the lyrics of his song with a short letter after seeing an ad for the contest in the local newspaper, and the rest is now history. So inspired by his love, Green Shoe staff finished the song with melody, harmony and accompaniment, and recorded “Oh Sweet Lorraine.” Check out the whole story – and the song! – in the video below.

You can purchase “Oh Sweet Lorraine” to support Fred on iTunes or Google Play.