A full-term newborn baby was abandoned at a Queens nativity scene with its umbilical cord still attached! These are the types of stories that make us wonder what could possibly be wrong with people.

It sounds like something out of a ridiculous made-for-TV film but this happened in real life. We are still struggling to wrap our minds around it, though.

Photo: flickr/Brian Leon

How was anyone able to pull off a drop-off like this without anyone seeing it? According to NBC Philadelphia, Jose Moran is the church custodian and he took the time to arrange the nativity scene in front of the establishment. Once he ducked out to take a lunch break, someone dropped the baby off without him noticing.

Once found, the crying baby was immediately taken to Jamaica Hospital Center, where the medical staff was able to determine that the child would be okay.

Photo: YouTube/CBS News

According to NBC News, the child was only four or five hours old when they were left behind. Surveillance footage was eventually found as well. A woman was seen taking the towel-wrapped baby to the church. From there, she clearly left the child behind and went about her business.

New York State law designates churches as safe havens where people can anonymously abandon babies younger than 30 days of age without question. Because of this, it’s possible the woman won’t be persecuted.

Photo: YouTube/CBS News

Every state in the country has these types of laws on the books but that does not mean that people look kindly upon these things.

At the end of the day, we have to do our best to read these actions in good faith. No one is happy to see a child being dropped off like this but with any luck, they will enjoy a better life than they would have otherwise.

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