He’s Breaking All the Rules for the Sake of His Fellow Man – and He Was Cast Out Because of It.

He was an enlightened spiritual leader, a top chef and from a traditional family. Narayanan Krishnan is casting it aside to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and lift up the downtrodden.

Narayanan Krishnan was born into an orthodox Hindu community. As a member of a Brahmin family and caste, his duty was to live a life of purtiy, holiness and spiritual awareness, always apart, as a teacher and leader. But in this tradition, a teacher cannot be a servant. In 2002, while working as one of the top chefs in India, Narayanan suddenly quit his job after seeing an old man eating filth in desperate hunger. When Narayanan brought the man food, tears of happiness streamed down his face. Narayanan cast off his Brahmin title and duties, including a symbolic thread of enlightenment, to show love by food, hugs and service to his fellow human beings.