Mommy / Daddy Minefields: A Necessity for Each and Every Home

Every parent has that experience: you’re walking barefoot, trying to tiptoe over the mess of toys, and you step on a LEGO. There is nothing more painful, am I right? Well, our friends at The Autism Site have a bigger problem: it turns out, and I didn’t know this, that one of the behaviors of children on the spectrum is to array, in painstaking detail, toys and other objects, perfectly crowding. And probably injuring a bare foot or two.

When you think of minefields, your mind tends to go to war, right? Well, scratch that for a moment. Why? Because what we’re dealing with here are minefields of unconditional love — they’re called Mommy / Daddy Minefields. A Mommy / Daddy Minefield is:

A series of items (typically toys) strategically organized around the home, either on the floor, the table, or the nearest ceiling fan (not the most optimal place for any party).

The 16  Mommy / Daddy Minefields you’re about to see came from the fans ofThe Autism Awareness Facebook page. Enjoy, and remember: if you ever come across a Mommy / Daddy Minefield, be sure to stop for a second — or longer than a second, if you’d like — and cherish it. Of course, you can then feel free to find the camera…




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