Dear Moms,

There’s something we need you to know. You already know it deep down, but it’s sooooo easy to forget this important piece of information when you’re ankle-deep in dirty diapers and laundry. So we’re here to remind you of something you need to keep in mind every day (as if you didn’t already have enough going on).

Here’s our important message:

You’re strong, and beautiful, and you make motherhood look good!

I have yet to be blessed with kids myself, but I know plenty of strong willed, beautiful mommas out there who need to hear the truth in this video! All too often we see the piles of laundry, the two day old yogurt stain on the fridge, the legos and beads and who knows what else hiding underneath the couch cushions. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what those messes mean – your children are growing up in safe environment, where they feel comfortable and confident to play and express themselves. This is no small task!

Hug your babies, and take some time to enjoy the mess. And share this special message with all the other moms you know!