Man Goes Viral For Sharing His Ex-Wife’s Engagement Photo

He shared her photos on Facebook with a caption that got thousands of people talking.

Marriage (and relationships in general) are challenging. It does not matter if both sides have the best intentions, sometimes things do not work out.

This is even harder for those who have children. There is no walking away from the person entirely. You need to find a common ground and co-parent for the sake of your little ones. It is not easy and our hearts go out to all co-parents out there.

Photo: Unsplash/Guillaume de Germain

Blake Higginbotham of Nederland, Texas is someone who knows all about this concept. When his ex-wife got engaged to someone else, it would have been easy for him to pout and take things all the way left. Instead, he announced his ex-wife’s engagement to another man on Facebook and offered some words of encouragement which have struck a huge chord. His post ended up going viral and it is easy to see why.

He shared in the post:

“This is my ex wife. The mother of my 3 children. The woman who brought all 3 of my children into this world. We got married young , had 3 beautiful children and had a bitter divorce.
3 years later, that relationship is much different. We share the kids evenly and support them in everything they do. We act as a team.”

Photo: Facebook/ Blake James

He shared a photo of his ex-wife, Heather Higginbotham, and her new fiance.

Blake went on toe say, “The man she’s with is a great guy. He’s great to my kids and they love him to death. As a father, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I sincerely wish you both the best. I’m thankful for many things including yalls relationship. To anyone divorced, I encourage you with all of me to try and look at this from a different angle. Just because you didn’t workout as husband and wife doesn’t mean you can’t be mom and dad.”

Photo: Unsplash/Liv Bruce

“We make a great team! And are so blessed! I couldn’t ask for a better co-parenting relationship,” Heather chimed in.

It is so wonderful to see them getting along like this. After all, this is all about the children and these two have managed to put their personal feelings aside for their sake. Kudos to Blake and Heather for showing everyone else the way!

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