Why I Apply My Eye Shadow Before My Foundation

Find out even more makeup tips to keep that youthful look!

Most women have a set makeup routine they haven’t deviated from much in the last decade (or two). Sure, the color palates change over the years, but many of us continue to apply makeup the same way year after year. However, as we grow older, our skin changes. Our hair changes. Even our face shape can change through the decades. So why are we still using the same methods of wearing makeup?

Let’s take a look at the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older, as well as some tips and tricks to look youthful again!

Apply Eye Makeup First

YouTube/Sissi Over 40

I had never heard of this before, but it’s definitely a game-changer. Applying your eye makeup first may seem counterintuitive but stick with me. Sissi, from the YouTube channel Sissi Over 40, explains this tip in greater detail.

We often scrunch up our face, furrow our brow, and frown when putting on eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. These lines will crease your foundation, thus highlighting the fine lines and wrinkles of your face rather than hiding them. To that end, try putting on your eye makeup before your concealer and foundation!

Go Easy On The Eyeliner

YouTube/Sissi Over 40

Speaking of eye makeup, let’s talk about eyeliner. It was in style not all that long ago to line your entire eye in dark eyeliner. I still see many women wearing heavy eyeliner. The thing is, circling your entire eye actually makes it look smaller.

Instead, try applying eyeliner only on your top lid or just on the outside corners of your eyes. You can take a small smudge brush and apply a bit of light eyeshadow underneath your eye to subtly highlight it.

Avoid Powder Concealers & Foundation

YouTube/Sissi Over 40

Not only do powder foundations and concealers tend to dry out your skin, but they clump and stick to wrinkles and fine lines around your forehead, eyes, and lips. You may start the day off looking fresh and youthful, but as the day wears on, your powder foundation will shift and soak into your skin. Try finding a liquid foundation, or at the very least, a good moisturizer to apply before your foundation if you want to continue using powder.

Go For Neutral Eye Shadow

YouTube/Sissi Over 40[

Bright blue and hot pink might have been staples in the 80s and 90s, but we’ve moved on to neutrals in the 2010s & 2020s. That’s not to say you can’t have a pop of color every once in a while. Just make sure to keep the color on the outer “V” of your eye and don’t put shimmer or bright colors on the lid or crease of your eye.

Avoid Matte Lipstick

YouTube/Sissi Over 40

I get it. Matte lipstick looks awesome and chic, and it can be. Unfortunately, it can also dry out your lips and highlight wrinkles and fine lines as well. There are some styles and brands that might look decent, but more often than not you’ll end up disappointed with the results.

As for color, don’t be afraid to be bold! Don’t go too dark, but experiment with different shades. A lot of women over 40 opt for neutral lipstick. If it’s too close to your skin tone, however, your lips will look washed out. Try going a shade in the brown or pink direction and top with lip gloss for fuller lips.

Get the rest of the tips in the video below!