Young Mother Died of Cancer 6 Weeks After Bringing This Medical Miracle into the World

They knew the cancer was spreading, but Liz refused to have the full-body scan that could harm her baby.

Mothers who discover they have cancer while pregnant often make the decision to forego tests and treatments to avoid poisoning their unborn children with the same medications that are meant to kill or damage cancer cells.

Elizabeth Joyce’s story, however, was a little bit different. She didn’t have that problem when she got cancer, because she wasn’t pregnant. Doctors told her that the chemotherapy she had already received to put her cancer into remission had rendered her infertile. While this was devastating news, it did mean that she would never have to make the decision about whether or not to undergo cancer treatment while pregnant.

But to the great joy of Liz and her husband, Max, Liz became pregnant. To their anguish, however, Liz’s cancer resurfaced. Doctors recommended an abortion and noted that having a full-body scan to detect where the cancer had spread would put both Liz and her daughter at risk.

Liz’s solution? No scan. She would instead choose to bring forth the miracle of life. It was a blessing that her daughter was even alive after all the cancer treatment Liz had been through, and she wanted to give her the best chance at life that she could.

This story is heartbreaking and beautiful—check it out.