When we send our children out into the world, we trust that they will apply all of the lessons that we have taught them in the proper way.

The parents of this little boy have to be very proud. They were at a Little League game when the unthinkable occurred. The pitcher lost control of the ball and hit the batter in the head with the pitch.

Photo: Facebook/ESPN

This is obviously not how baseball is played and the pitch clearly got away from him. He never wanted that to happen. It was easy to tell that he was shaken by what had taken place. That’s where this batter’s upbringing came into play. He knew that the pitcher was going to struggle to continue after making such an awful mistake.

Our heart goes out to these young men. The pitcher felt terrible over what happened, and we are sure that the batter was shaken up.

Photo: Facebook/ESPN

He also showed a great deal of courage and sportsmanship by not charging the mound to pick a fight. This situation could have boiled over into something much worse but cooler heads prevailed all around.

Usually, this is a situation where the team manager or the catcher would be the one to smooth things out a bit. Instead, the batter is the one who spoke to the pitcher! We do not know exactly what was said here but the batter is clearly speaking to the pitcher in a soothing manner. He wants him to know that he is aware that this was a mistake.

Photo: Facebook/ESPN

It would have been easy for the batter to lose his cool and make this into a full-on brawl. In fact, people would have been willing to understand that turn of events.

Instead, the batter took the high road and provided kids everywhere with a lesson for the future. There is no reason to turn one errant moment into a fight.


Every mistake is not made out of malice. Now, if you will excuse us, we are going to go wipe our tears away now.

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