Lindsey Stirling’s “Celtic Carol” Brings Every Bit of Christmas to Life!

Watch this fun and creative video full of Christmas cheer and wonderful music!


There are so many things to love about Christmas. First and foremost, of course, the celebration of Christ’s birth and the beginning of our redemption story. There’s the extra time with friends and family, of course, as well as Christmas baking and opening gifts on Christmas morning. I also love Christmas music.

Let me clarify. I don’t love the 15 pop Christmas songs that seem to be on repeat in every single story this time of year. No, I love the traditional Christmas hymns and carols. There’s just something so special, so awe-inspiring about some of the classics.

I also love Lindsey Stirling. In case you’ve never heard of her, Lindsey is an amazing musician who has covered many pop songs and holiday songs, as well as composed music of her own. The medley in the video below includes some of my all-time favorite Christmas hymns!

Fun, creative, energetic – all great words to describe Lindsey Stirling. Missing? Talented. So talented. In this incredible short, the young violinist-dancer will dazzle you with her music and joy violin! Believe me when I say the joy is infectious: there’s so much wonder in the music and in her face, I can’t help but smile!

For more of Lindsey Stirling’s amazing Christmas cheer, check out this video!