Many pet owners enjoy the companionship and unconditional love these animals bring. Pets also teach life lessons that help us deal with difficult circumstances and ugly situations, so we become better humans.

Happiness Is Simpler Than You Think

Happiness in life is not based on what you own. Pets find joy in spending time with people they love.

Live in the Moment

Too many humans are so caught up in plans for tomorrow that they do not have time for today. Pets live in the moment without worrying about tomorrow.

Smell the Roses

When pets go outside, they take the time to smell new flowers, chase butterflies and greet the neighbors. Their human companions should stop the rush and enjoy these little things. Encountering such little joys helps to prevent burnout.

Drink Lots of Water

When your pet is thirsty, it finds a place to drink and drinks until satisfied. Learn from this lesson to listen to the signals your body provides and meet its needs.

Be Loyal

Pets are loyal to their owners. As you develop into a mature human being, you develop loyalties and prove yourself dependable.

Love People, Even When They Are Not Perfect

If you have ever made a big mistake at work and came home to the greeting of a loving pet, you have benefited from a love that overlooks imperfections. No one is perfect, but everyone deserves love – even people who make it difficult.

Life Has Ups and Downs; Find a Friend

As pets grow older, their lives become difficult. They still have a tail wag for their owner when he comes home from work. Humans need that same type of friendship.

Look Forward to Rewards

Pets look forward to little rewards, such as a dog biscuit. Believers also have a future reward that should serve as motivation for them. Read Matthew 25:21 and learn more about God’s rewards.