Life In The…. Slow Lane?


I walked into the living room and turned on the radio early this morning. The old rock song, “Life in the Fast Lane” blared loudly out of the speakers because my son had left the volume turned up too high again. Startled, I jumped back then reached over and turned the radio back off again. “I think I prefer life in the slow lane,” I said to myself.

I really do prefer life in the slow lane. I decided long ago to let the Jones keep up with themselves. Instead, I prefer taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I enjoy taking the time to watch the sun climb over the mountains in the morning and I am never in too much of a rush to say “Thank You” to God for it either. I enjoy taking the time to sip my coffee and savor every bite of my breakfast.

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I enjoy taking the time to pray in the morning and all through the day. I’ve found that life goes best when you fill both your stomach and your soul. I enjoy taking the time to hug my children, talk to my friends, write letters to my family, and share smiles with strangers. I enjoy taking the time to say a kind word, do a good deed, and offer a helping hand. I’ve found that these investments in love make our hearts grow rich and our souls grow strong. I enjoy taking the time to read a good book to nourish my mind, cook a fine meal to nourish my body, and pet a happy dog to nourish my spirit. I enjoy taking the time to count my blessings and to make new ones as well.

Why do so many of us live our lives in the fast lane on a road to nowhere? It is the slow lane that leads us to love, to joy, and to God. Slow down and enjoy your life then. Slow down and smile. Slow down and live, laugh, and love. You can’t hurry your way to Heaven. You have to let God lead you there one slow and steady step at a time.

– Joseph Mazzella

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