In Leander, Texas, High School Students Took Home First Prize for a Robotic Hand. but They Did It for This Two-Year-Old Boy.

Christian wanted to use a 3-D printer for his younger brother, but his old teacher Herb Wasson of Leander High School had a different idea: a robotic hand made by his students.

When one of his former students contacted Leander High School robotics teacher Herb Wasson, it was an interesting request: Christian’s two-year-old brother Zaxton is missing fingers on his right hand, and Christian wanted to use the school’s three-dimensional printer to print a prosthetic designed by a man in South Africa. Wasson had a better idea. The engineering and design adviser turned to his student team and suggested they make a robotic prosthetic hand. Zaxton now has use of the hand, and the Leander High School engineering team is off to the SkillsUSA national competition after taking first place in state. See Zaxton and his incredible new hand in the clip below!