Two Kids Started Singing “You Raise Me Up,” Their Harmony At 2:34 Will Give You Chills.

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It seems like kids get more talented every year. I’ve seen so many excellent videos of child singers, but this one of two children singing “You Raise Me Up” is one of the best! The contemporary hymn was originally written by Irish-Norwegian band Secret Garden, but it has been covered by dozens of singers, including Josh Groban. And out of all of the many versions of this song, this stands out as the most impressive!

When 10 year old Jeffrey Li and 7 year old Celine Tam take the stage to perform their version of the hit, the audience is already in the palm their hand before they even sing a note… They’re just so cute! But, once they start to sing, the audience realizes these two are much more than just adorable.

Jeffrey Li, from Canada, and Celine Tam, from Hong Kong, performed the number together on a Chinese talent show, and they are clearly a match made in heaven. The first few moments of this video are spine-tingling good, but when the precocious pair break into harmony your jaw will hit the ground.

Check out the video of Jeffrey and Celine’s performance below, and share their incredible talent with friends and family today!

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