Listening to worship music has always been one of my favorite ways to spend time with God. I love classic hymns, contemporary Christian, and everything in between. Every once in a while, a song comes along that speaks right to my heart, convicting me and comforting me at the same time. “Jericho” by Andrew Ripp is one of those songs. Take a look at some of the lyrics:

I was stacking up the years I spent trading punches with the enemy

Built myself a double thick stone

Tower of lies, higher than the eye could see

Trapped in my flesh and bone

Crying out to You Lord, I’m desperate

Love, come rattle this cage and set me free


I don’t know about you, but I can certainly relate to being desperate, feeling trapped in sin, both my own and those committed against me. But then God comes in and destroys those lies with His truth. What a glorious moment!

Oh Lord, my prison turns to ruin

When Your love moves in

All of my fears like Jericho walls

Gotta come down, come down, come down

The second verse has to be my favorite. Every time I hear it, I’m humbled and reminded of how God was fighting for us from the very beginning and He’ll fight for us until the very end.


Truth was crashing through the pride and the blame

Cutting straight into the heart of me

Long before I ever called your name

You were fighting for my victory

Carved in Your flesh and bone

Are wounds that have said my souls forgiven

Oh now, I can feel the darkness trembling

Watch the powerful music video below!