Is God Just a Sunday Thing? This Message From Richard Dahlstrom Is One I Needed to Hear – and I Work Here!

When I have to ask if God is just a Sunday thing, even working here, this message was needed.

How, when and where do you honor God with your life? Is God just a Sunday thing?

In Genesis, when Abram – who would become Abraham – encounters a famine in the land of Canaan, he travels to Egypt to wait out the drought and plague. And while there, he makes some decisions that reflect an interesting mindset: he doesn’t trust that God will protect him, and he doesn’t think God is still with him. His life in Egypt is disconnected from his life in Canaan; it’s just temporary. Sometimes we do that, too. In Seattle, a group of churches are partnering to teach young adults and growing Christians about bringing Christ into the whole of their lives – the workplace, the family, the vacations – no matter what they’re calling is. It’s a message about vocation we could all hear right now. Check out Pastor Richard Dahlstrom of Bethany Community Church in the clip below.