If Bible Characters Had iPhones

Need a laugh today? Check out this hilarious comedy sketch from John Crist! Sometimes it’s hard to relate to the characters in the Bible, but not so much anymore! This video takes a look at what social media might be like if it were around back in Bible times. It certainly puts these Bible stories in a new light. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

“Oh my gosh, if Noah posts about his big DIY project one more time, I’m gonna lose it. We get it, you have instructions from heaven!”

These are just too good! It’s fun to see how many little quips you can catch. I’m impressed with just how many references to Bible stories these two were able to come up with in a video that’s just under two and a half minutes long!

“Dude! I just got on Facebook Marketplace and saw that Joseph’s brothers are selling him! Can you even do that?”

I think my favorite is, “I was talking to Mary and Joseph last week. They were trying to find a hotel on Priceline, but they ended up having to stay in some dingy Airbnb. Bummer.”


Go ahead and take a break from the news cycle and aimless scrolling to watch this funny video. Which one of these lines is your favorite?

Check out the video below for a good laugh!

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