A 210-Foot Cross Is Coming Soon – Guess Where It’s Going To Be Located!

Corpus Christi, Texas is about to become the home of the tallest cross in the Western hemisphere and the SECOND largest cross in the world!

Construction will begin shortly with the laying of the foundation and the cross will be completed in about a year! The foundation of the Corpus Christi Cross will be a 38′ x 38′ concrete pad supported by twenty four piers, each 2 feet in diameter and 48 feet deep underground.

Pictured below: City Council Member Lucy Rubio, City Council Member Carolyn Vaughn, Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley, Radio Talk Show Host Bob Jones, Nueces County Commissioner Brent Chesney, Congressman Blake Farenthold, Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez, Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin and Pastor Rick Milby.

Also pictured below: the small wooden cross that marks the spot of the future 210-foot Corpus Christi Cross!

I bet you’ll be surprised by what the Texas Governor and Corpus Christie Mayor said about the project! Click NEXT PAGE to find out!