“I Was Blind But Now I See”

This powerful poem is written from the point of view of the healed, blind man.

Enjoy this 3-part poem written by a faithful servant to the Lord and a gifted writer/poet, Dan Doyle. Based on the miracle passages from in John’s Gospel, this piece is written from the point of view of the healed, blind man.

Dan Doyle is a veteran, poet and retired university professor.  We’re honored to share his gift and faith with everyone. You can see more of his work at his new blog at www.NotesFromAVeteran.com


Never was their light in my eyes.

To me the world is all sound and smell,

Touch and taste. It is what it is to me,

All voice and redolence, texture and savor.

This is how I’ve known the world.

I find my way as well as most,

I have my own way posts, my own geographies.

But I cannot see, cannot avoid

The simple dangers; a stone in the way,

hidden children waiting to scare me

On my way to the temple.

I’ve learned to love them for this.

It’s become our mutual game.

The Pharisees say that sin

Is the cause of my blindness.

But of what sin could I have been guilty?

What manner of sin could I have done

growing in my mother’s womb?

I’m an unlettered man, like all of my neighbors,

But this lordly explanation sheds no light

On this darkness in which I live, indeed,

it is as dark to me as my lightless eyes.

But oh, how I dream to see.


Today I met a man who told me

that I was not blind by way of my sins,

Neither by those of my parents.

He told me the whole world is dark

that those who have eyes

see things no clearer than I.

He said that He is the light

the world desires so dearly.

I’ve never heard a voice

so pure, so full of certitude.

He spat on the dust at my feet

made a paste of mud from it

and rubbed it over my eyes.

He told me to go and wash

In the pool of Siloam.

I said, yes, and did what I was told to do.

And I came to see! I came to see!

By all the prophets, by Moses,

By He Who calls Himself, I Am,

I came to see!

I have never been a man of faith,

but this man makes me want to believe.

I think he is a prophet sent by God.


Why am I brought before you

makers and keepers of the law?

What is it you wish to know?

I am a simple man who has suffered

and my suffering has been relieved.

Can you not see that this is good?

Why can you not share my joy?

You cannot take your eyes off of the law.

Your laws always shout a weighty no.

You cannot see the simple yes

that has set me free.

Why do you wish to find guilt

in the generosity that man showed me?

If I am cured of my blindness,

would your laws not say that this is good?

What would make it evil, then,

for one to cure another on the Sabbath?

This man, whose name I do not know,

anointed me and told me to wash.

That is all. And now I see.

What in the law has been denied in this?

This man has washed away all my fears.

It seems he has only raised yours.