21 Sweet Wedding Moments Caught on Camera!

Precious memories from this important day!

The music starts, the doors open and down the aisle, two-by-two, walk bridesmaids and groomsmen. And waiting, watching, is the groom, his bride yet to enter. Suddenly the music shifts, everyone stands, and the room’s breath is collectively taken away as a woman everyone knows is transcended to a beauty none could quite imagine before this moment.

Yeah, we’ve all been to weddings. We all see this. The bride, the giving away. But the expectant groom – that moment of reveal, when he sees his wife? That’s often the most overlooked and most amazing.

From Shock to Gracious Awe…

Stop Yourself From Crying in Wonder…

And She’S So Bashful.

Could He Be More Excited?

This Is the Definition of Blown Away.

This Is the Day He Won the Lottery.

Is It Really You? Yes, It’s Her.

Gawking Is Rude – Cover Your Mouth!

It’s Great to Start Our Life Together!

He Already Asked, but We Think He Wants to Propose Again.

It’s Okay. Go Ahead and Cry.

This Guy Has the Right Idea. No Shame.

Back Up, Quick, Don’y Look…oh My!

Wow…just Wow.

We Feel Like This Is the Scene From a Movie, Where They Run to Each Other and Meet Halfway.

Her Response to His Reaction Is Priceless.

That’s Her? Is It…Wow

Wait for It…Wait for It.

Okay, Open Your Eyes…WOW!

Thank you…I Don’t Deserve This. Thank You.

Tears of Joy for Each Other.

She’s Coming…she’s…coming for Me!

The Second Frame Looks to Be a Prayer of Thanks…

C’Mon, Groomsman. Show Some Support.

Dad Is Giving Her Away…so Blessed