When Darkness Surrounds You: God’s Promises for Those Who Trust Him

When things are going well, it is easy to trust God, but when circumstances start to turn sour, trust sometimes gets more difficult. For followers of Christ, faith means trusting Him during life’s most difficult moments. Jeremiah 7:7-8 promises God’s blessings for those who trust. Here are a few of the benefits of trusting God even when you find it difficult.

God Gives the Heart’s Desires


Psalms 3:5-6 promises the desires of your heart if you trust God. Sometimes, God works to change our desires if they are for things or situations that are not for our best. He will alter them with what He provides so that we find satisfaction in what is there, without missing what we once thought necessary to make us complete.

God Relieves Anxiety


Stress seems a part of modern life and is often due to worry over financial situations. However, the promise of God in Jeremiah 7 is to relieve anxiety. In Jeremiah’s day, famine was a major cause of anxiety due to the lack of food, and now could relate to the loss of a job or other financial stressors.

God Brings Joy


In a day where people look for happiness, God promises to provide it in Proverbs 16:20. Once again, the key is in trusting Him.

God Provides Peace


In Isiah 26:3, God promises perfect peace. While wars may continue to rage around you, trusting God brings this peace deep within your soul.

With God, the Schemes of the Wicked Fail


If it ever seems that everyone is out to get you, trusting God is your solution. In Psalm 37:39-40, he promises to foil these wicked plans.

God Offers Security


God provides greater security than locks on your door. In Proverbs 29:25, He promises safety to those who trust.

God Promises to Prosper Those Who Trust Him


Proverbs 28:25-26 contains a promise of prosperity to those who trust God. God’s prosperity is more than earthly riches. Often he prospers those who trust Him with things that money cannot buy.

God’s Mercy Surrounds Us


If you have not yet discovered it, the world is not fair. Even when you are mistreated, Psalm 32:10-11 promises God’s mercy surrounds you. Mercy means God gives you better than you deserve.

Keep on Trusting


Even with these great promises, life is not easy. The best thing to do in times of trial is to keep trusting God. Read more about the great power of faith and how it can move mountains.

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