So You Think You Know Easter?

Easter is right around the corner. But how much do you really know about this important holiday? Find out now!

How well do you know your Bible? Test your knowledge with these ten questions about Easter. Share with us in the comments how many you got correct and also pass this on to your friends and family to test their knowledge.


  1. What Was Inscribed About The Cross of Jesus
  2. Which disciple wanted to see the imprint of the nails before he would believe?
  3. Who Rolled Away The Tomb?
  4. When Jesus died, for how long was there darkness over the land?
  5. For how long did Jesus remain after his resurrection before he ascended into heaven?
  6. For how many pieces of silver did Judas betray Christ?
  7. At Christ’s crucifixion what did the soldiers place on his head?
  8. What prisoner was released at Jesus’ trial?
  9. Where was Jesus arrested?
  10. Who asked Pilate for the dead body of Jesus?

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