Dr. Eben Alexander has spent much of his life working in medicine but he did not believe in the afterlife.

Near-death experiences are something that he had heard about often during his lifetime in the medical field but he never put much stock in stock. He believed that people were merely hallucinating during moments of extreme duress. However, it was not long before his entire outlook changed.

Photo: YouTube/Near-Death Experiences

All it takes is one experience of your own to forever change your feelings about a particular topic. One night, he woke up and was in an incredible amount of pain. He likened the feeling to being struck by a freight train. At first, he thought he was simply having a muscle spasm. Unfortunately, the situation was far more serious than that.

He was suffering from a very rare ailment. Bacterial meningitis was attacking his brain and he did not have long to live. Once he was taken to the hospital, he lapsed into a coma.

Photo: YouTube/Near-Death Experiences

At this time, the doctors told his wife that she should not expect him to wake up. During the time that he spent in a coma, Alexander’s entire belief system was shaken to its core.

He took a journey to a faraway place, even though he never even believed that this location existed. When you take a closer look at the video below, you will be able to learn more about the astonishing trip that he was taken on. Dr. Eben now believes that he was given a taste of the afterlife, receiving a guided tour of the place that he did not ever believe in.

Photo: YouTube/Near-Death Experiences

It’s a testament to the power of the human mind that he was even able to recall all of this. Even more astonishingly, he woke up within seven days of going into the coma, going against every possible medical projection.

Now, his thoughts when it comes to the existence of heaven have totally shifted and it is easy to see why.

Perhaps some of the other skeptics will see this video and change their minds, too. You shouldn’t have to go through this type of experience on your own to believe in what others have to say but such is life.