What are some of your favorite things in life? Kittens? Mugs of hot cocoa? Brown paper packages and blue satin sashes?

Babies and dogs most likely fall at least somewhere towards the top of the list. If not, you’ve got to take some time to get your priorities straightened out. Dogs and babies are some of the most important things on this planet.

We are blessed with so many simple joys in life, babies and dogs included. Watching this baby and dog play with one another, we can’t help but think this is one of those simple joys that is absolutely priceless. Thank goodness we have had the privilege to witness this.


So when this young boy does his best to take his loveable dog’s bed as his own, the dog decided that it was time to issue a punishment that was suitable for the crime of sleeping on his spot.

The dog then gets the boy right where he wants him, and starts giving him the best tickles you have ever seen. The sheer amount of laughter is absolutely impossible to resist.

This baby’s giggles brought such a smile to our faces, we just had to share. It’s too cute for you to miss!


This dog has figured out how to tickle the baby with his nose and the baby just LOVES it!

Just being able to see such a massive dog treating his human friend with such gentle affection is enough to melt your heart, but then it just keeps getting better.

Check out the video below and prepare yourself for a massive smile!

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