I Remember When…But Do You?


Do You Remember When…

Your mother was a young woman, wearing long dresses below her knees, dangling earrings, heels, and holding your hand; when your father wore white t-shirts, blue jeans, and drove a Chevy truck, and you up in his arms against his chest, white t-shirt, and you loved them and felt safe with them. Do you remember the tears that seemed to last a lifetime when he left, the ache in your heart that never went away and the strength that you had because you were left with a mother that loved you.

Do you remember your baby sister in a high chair, and even though you were a baby too, you were old enough to kiss her, push her in a stroller, running and tumbling over grasses and hills, and pushing her in a wheelchair before she died, taking that last run together.

Do you remember the ice cream truck, hide and seek, baseball in the street, and thinking boys were the cutest things God ever made, and tomboys were to be so admired.

Do you remember Sugar Shack, volleyball, and that very first kiss, those promises of friends forever.

Do you remember wearing too much make-up, the Battle of the Bands, dancing like there was no tomorrow, getting an A in Speech and Debate when you were so shy. Do you remember the Man From Uncle, learning to drive, and never wanting to be away from your “best friend”.
nd all the power that knowledge and learning brings. Do you remember saying “I do” and truly believing the sky is the limit, and that it will
Do you remember being accepted into college and graduating from college, and those years of awakening all last forever, and when it doesn’t, you are truly aware that one alone is responsible for one’s own well-being.

Do you remember when you knew that the life you give is the only true love you will ever know.

Do you remember when you became aware that even though you have aged, you are the same child and through some inexplicable event, you are part of a life that gives and takes, and never understanding fully the forces of it, and simply, yet profoundly, hearing the music of it all.

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