Do You Chase A Spiritual High, Or Seek The God Who Created You?

A lot of our Christian culture here in America seems to be centered around “getting to the next level,” or “reaching the mountain top,” or “straining for that spiritual high.” While God does sometimes choose to reveal Himself to us during these church camp moments, or in the perfect song during worship, if this is the extent of your closeness with God, then you’re missing out! Often times, those “aha!” moments come after a period of suffering or simply waiting on God. So why don’t we chase after those things? Why not put ourselves in new and uncomfortable circumstances and wait to see how God will move? Probably because it doesn’t feel very good. Here’s the thing about feelings though – they are temporary. Eventually that spiritual high will wear off, and then you’re just left with your Bible and a prayer journal. True faith is being able to push through, and remain faithful to God and His word even when it’s not exciting, and even when it doesn’t feel like a blessing.

This video is so spot on about how we chase after our feelings, when we should be seeking after the God of the universe.

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