Disabled Boy Finishes Race With Compassionate Encouragement of Friends

The way these kids rallied around their friend and helped him to the finish will leave you breathless!

During a recent field day at Colonial Hills Elementary School witnesses were treated to a spontaneous act of kindness and love that is unequaled. A young man named Matt, who suffers from Spastic Cerebral Palsy opted to run the 400 meter dash, even though, because of his condition, he had been given the chance to sit it out. He showed such courage and grit, not letting his disability keep him from enjoying the activities that all the other kids are able to participate in. What will really have you running for a kleenex is the way every kid on the field came out, unprompted by any adult, to run with Matt around the last half of the track and cheer him to the finish. This genuine moment of kindness is one you will not forget!