“If you had a faith the size of a mustard seed.” Of course, the key word here is, “If.” But that is enough of a door to let a miraculous splinter of healing light into any soul darkened by sin. For when we have even just a little faith, God can work any miracle for our good through that little bit of faith.

This is an important meditation for all of us. This verse comes in the passage in Matthew where Jesus is approached by the father of a young boy who has been suffering terribly from being “possessed by a demon” The father’s love for his son is evident, and Jesus responds to it by healing the son. The disciples are chagrined, because they had been trying to do this for the boy and failed. They ask Jesus why they could not accomplish it. His response to their question is, “You don’t have enough faith.”

We see here that faith is everything. Faith is necessary to accomplish anything of value, whether small or large. It is in our faith that our works gain both efficacy and purpose. Good things do not happen because of us, but because of our faithful submission to the will of God. All good comes from him. We are only the instruments through which he brings his good into the world today. Are we willing to see this; the truth that whatever good we accomplish is God’s doing, not our own?

Of course, Jesus’ comment here is also true. If we had the faith of a mustard seed, we could “move mountains.” The things that appear impossible to us would become possible, through his grace. It is our attitude that God wants to appeal to here. Are we humble enough to recognize that we are simply instruments in God’s loving hands; that he wants nothing more, or less, than to work his miracles in the world through us? It is our faith in him that open us up to be miracle workers in the world, in ways small and great.

Lord, increase our faith. Help us to see that in our submission to your will, all things become possible for us. In faith we bow to you alone. Make us your instruments of peace and healing in this too often tortured world. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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