Dead For 12 Hours, Woman Raised in the Name of Jesus Christ

God worked through a missionary, answering his prayers to raise her from the dead!

Fatuma Shubisa is happy to be alive to care for her nine children but she would be happy to go back to Heaven, if it were God’s will. Fatuma passed away after a two month long battle with a serious illness. The Christian woman experienced the joy of meeting long dead loved ones in paradise. But they begged God to send her back so that she could care for her children. At that same time, a Christian missionary prayed over her lifeless body, asking God to raise her from the dead. To his and everyone else’s joy and amazement, Fatuma rose! Many of her non Christian friends and neighbors turned to Jesus after this incredible display of God’s power!

You can also watch the story of Pastor Don Piper, who was killed in a car crash but raised after 90 minutes thanks to God and the prayers of a fellow pastor.