A Tale of Two Weddings

Thanks to several hundred kind souls, the Stampers have entirely new memories to rejoice in.

In August 2014, Jeremy Stamper married his childhood sweetheart, Justice. In an outdoor ceremony in scenic, rural Virginia, they exchanged their vows. Less than three weeks after the wedding, the beautiful bride was involved in a tragic car accident that wiped the memory of the biggest moment in her life from her mind. Instead of simply struggling through Justice’s memory loss, Jeremy decided to do something about it.

People magazine reports Jeremy rushed to his wife’s side after she was injured, when another car had rear-ended hers at 50 miles per hour. It took Justice about a month and a half before she admitted to her husband that she didn’t remember the months leading up to their wedding day. Despite watching their wedding video and poring through photos, Justice simply did not have any memories of that time in her life.

The accident may have robbed Justice of the old memories, but Jeremy wanted to make new ones for her. Jeremy then surprised the love of his life with a huge wedding present. A GoFundMe account started in May 2015 set a goal of $5,000 to have a second wedding all over again. After a couple of months, the Stampers raised nearly $10,000. More than 350 people answered the call and donated.

In an update post from mid-July, Jeremy explained, “God is good all the time! He has truly answered our prayers! This is happening and it will be something Justice will never be able to forget no matter what happens!!!” The happy couple’s second wedding has inspired them to learn to serve others above all else and to lead significant lives.

With the money raised, the Stampers invited everyone who donated to the second wedding. Their first nuptials included 75 guests, but the second stands to be four times larger in attendance. Jeremy said his first wedding was “perfect,” but wants his wife to be “blown away” by the second ceremony.

Thanks to several hundred kind souls, the Stampers have entirely new memories to rejoice in. Even though Justice struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and has trouble carrying out basic tasks, she has faith that anything is possible. After all, the miracle of her wedding day has become a dream come true all over again.