Operation Christmas: See How A Shoebox Can Bring Joy To Children Around The World

No matter where they’re born, no matter how they live, no child should be deprived of the sheer joys of youth. Imagine if you could make a lasting impact on a child’s life; sharing the joy by giving the gift of compassion. Operation Christmas Child is here to make the Christmas wishes of children around the world come true, one shoe box at a time.

You probably couldn’t imagine waking up early on that special winter morning and finding nothing, not a single gift waiting for you. Unfortunately, that is the reality of millions of children around the world. Operation Christmas Child is here to change that. This non-profit organization focuses on sharing the love of Jesus along with the love of complete strangers, like yourself.

More Than Just Toys

Every gift-filled shoe box is a stepping stone, a pathway to spreading love around the world. We transform people’s lives with the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection and his message of love and brotherhood. While the gift boxes are being distributed, local church leaders deliver the Lord’s message in a way that engages youth and encourages participation and learning.

Countless Ways to Serve

Samaritan’s Purse is a non-denominational Evangelical organization dedicated to spreading not only the word of God but doing so through acts of loving kindness that transform the lives of others. Participants can give so much more than just donations. For those willing to serve, there is ample need for gifts of time and energy. Consider volunteering at a processing center or getting others involved with giving the gift of love.

You too can spread the love by giving gifts to children in need all around the world! Visit the Hope Faith Love site to find out how you can help!

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