There’s something magical about childhood crushes. Usually these crushes fade into memory, but one pair of summer camp sweethearts found themselves reunited thanks to It may have been 25 years later, but the pair found that there was still an attraction there. You’re not going to believe how their story went.

According to USA Today, Evan Leach and Kim Kuhl first met at a summer camp in Tampa, Florida. Kim was 14 while Evan was a year older, and Kim said that they both felt a spark. When she went home, Kim looked for Evan in the phone book and even checked out events in hopes that he would be there, but had no luck.

Ironically, they lived a mere two miles away from each other. They had mutual friends, and they even both went to football games at the University of South Florida. Their seats were only four rows away. Still, they didn’t see each other again.

That all changed when Evan was browsing in 2013. Good Housekeeping reports that he sent Kim a wink, but he didn’t know it was the girl from camp because she had changed her last name from a previous marriage. She knew it was him, so she brought up the summer camp.

Evan checked out her Facebook page and everything clicked. After chatting a bit online, the two decided to meet in person. It was a week after Thanksgiving in 2013, and for Kim, it was the first time she was able to open up to someone since getting divorced years before.

After the couple spent two amazing years together, Evan decided to pop the question. Kim said yes, and in March of 2016, she and Evan had a romantic wedding in Paris.Evan and Kim’s story is both touching and beautiful. It’s amazing to see soulmates reunite thanks to technology.

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