11 Signs Of An Unhealthy Marriage

Making marriage a priority again!

You may not even realize that common habits and seemingly normal behavior could result in the demise of your marriage. If your marriage seems less-than-happy, take a look at these 11 habits that may be wrecking your relationship.

1. Not Saying “Thank You”

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Show your partner that you are grateful for the little things he or she does. Good Housekeeping suggests that partners who feel appreciated are more content in their relationships.

2. Bringing Up the Past

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After you express your disappointment about your partner’s mistakes and he apologizes, let it go. Dredging up history is unhealthy for a relationship and drives your spouse away from you.

3. Not Acknowledging Their Presence

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Take the time to greet your partner when he or she comes home or when you first wake up in the morning. A simple hug or peck on the lips shows them that you’re happy to see them.

4. Taking Things Too Seriously

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Learn to laugh at yourself. If your spouse teases you about your forgetful nature or quirky habits, they probably don’t not mean to offend you.

5. Spending Too Much Time on Social Media

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Put down your phone and step away from the computer. Focus on your marriage and family rather than checking to see what your high school friends are having for dinner.

6. Not Having Deep Conversations

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While you talk to your spouse about the plumber’s visit or your child’s dentist appointment, you aren’t having quality conversations. Take the time to have in-depth conversations that keep you connected.

7. Redoing the Housework

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If your spouse takes the time to do some laundry or load the dishwasher, don’t undermine them by redoing the task your way. This makes them feel like they can’t do anything right and discourages them from helping in the future.

8. Neglecting Date Nights

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Put work aside for the night, and line up a babysitter for several hours. Make it a priority to do things one-on-one with your partner, and refuse to let other plans get in the way.

9. Making Poor Financial Decisions

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Budget your household income, and live within your means. Don’t complain because you can’t afford luxury items, as you are both in the marriage together and should appreciate the life you do have.

10. Using Physical Intimacy To Get What You Want

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Physical intimacy is an important part of any marriage, so using sex as a control mechanism or bargaining chip takes the romance out of your relationship and weakens your bond.

11. Not Putting Each Other First

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Your marriage should be your number one priority. Putting other things above your spouse makes them feel unimportant and puts a big strain on your relationship.