Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty: Everyday Law Enforcement Random Acts Of Kindness

America has a proud tradition of first responders, military personnel and law enforcement officers who risk their lives every single day to ensure our safety. It’s not an easy job, and these people often lead very stressful lives. Despite any “tough guy” attitudes that these people present to the outside world, deep inside, many of the men and women in uniform enjoy showing kindness when the opportunity arises. Here’s a look at law enforcement at its best thanks to officers with huge smiles and big hearts.

Thoughtful Officer Gives Mom a Ride

good-cops-1Charles Ziegler of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, offered to give a mom and her toddler a ride on a cold, rainy day. The off-duty police officer noticed the mother pushing her child’s stroller in the rain and gave her a ride. The photo of Ziegler dropping her off at her destination went viral due to Ziegler’s thoughtfulness.

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