Pastor Tim Mackie and entrepreneur Jon Collins, the founders of The Bible Project, are on a mission to explore and explain the entire Bible in five- to 10-minute videos that help viewers understand the Bible’s structure and theme. The Book of Joshua explores events that occurred after the death of Moses. According to The Bible Project’s Facebook page, this particular video discusses the Book of Joshua’s four main movements.

The first movement entails Joshua assuming his God-appointed leadership over the Hebrews and ushering them into the Promised Land. The second movement follows resistance and wars between the Hebrews and the Canaanites. Following the Hebrews’ victory over the inhabitants of the Promised Land, Joshua divides the Promised Land according to the inheritances of the 12 tribes; this is the third movement. The final movement includes several speeches, or sermons, Joshua gives to the Hebrews.

Joshua teaches us that a grounded spirituality can be a source of hope in times of tremendous hardship and upheaval.

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