6 Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Fears — No Matter What They Are!

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3. Focus on the present.

The next time you feel fear bubbling up inside you, consciously turn your attention to the present moment. How does your body feel? What are your surroundings? Can you control your breath? In this moment, are you in any real danger? The answer is most likely no. Regardless of what’s going on around you, you can almost always find peace if you are intentional about it. Controlling your thoughts this way isn’t some kind of Jedi mind trick either. It’s an acknowledgement of the simple fact that there is a truth in your body deeper than fear that will be with you no matter what. Understanding this — and believing it! — is key to conquering what frightens you.

4. Change your internal dialogue.

Retrain your brain to be a force for positivity by silently voicing affirming thoughts. Instead of letting your mind wander to all the bad that can happen, think of everything you’ll gain once you conquer your fear. If you fear public speaking for example, imagine yourself receiving a standing ovation rather than being laughed off stage. Don’t let yourself stand in your own way! Pay attention to the messages you’re sending yourself.

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