The Christmas Story (According to Kids)

Try not to laugh at these adorable kids and their telling of Jesus’ birth!

The holiday season is officially upon us, and with it, comes some wonderful traditions. Decorating the Christmas tree, making Christmas cookies, last-minute shopping, and of course, church Sunday school productions of the Christmas story. Yes, these plays typically go one of two ways. Either they’re precious, or they’re a total disaster. Let’s face it, it’s often the latter unless you have a child performing, that is. In which case, it’s always precious.

That being said, it’s still a wonderful tradition most churches still participate in to some capacity. Whether the play goes off without a hitch or if Mary forgets all of her lines and ends up crying on stage (I’m definitely not speaking from personal experience here, so don’t ask), the whole point is that the youngest members of the church are excited and involved in the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

One church had a fun and creative take on the traditional Christmas play. Instead of having the kids act everything out, they asked the kids their version of what happened on that special night. Then, the adults acted out the collective story, according to the kids. The end result is as adorable as it is hilarious.

My favorite part is when they say what gifts the Magi brought for Jesus!

“Um, a stuffed hippo, like what I have at home.”

“And probably some diapers. And wipes. Oh, and milk!”

“Jewelry, some Air Jordans…”


You’ll have to watch the short, sweet, hilarious video below to get the full story!