Christian Music Festival Amplify Draws Over 45,000 Attendees

With the addition of live streaming figures, attendance topped 67,000 throughout the free 2-day event.

The 11th annual Amplify Music Festival, a community-sponsored free Christian music festival, recently drew over 45,000 attendees to Benton, Arkansas.

The two-day event featured well-known Christian artists Chris Tomlin, Castings Crowns, Lecrae, and Rend Collective, while Evangelist Nick Hall delivered the Gospel message of Jesus. Hall’s ministry Pulse led workshops, breakout sessions and other outreach during the event.

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“This weekend was a grassroots, volunteer-led effort, funded by local sponsors, and led by local churches and believers inviting me and our team to help them ‘amplify’ the message of Jesus,” said Hall.

“There were hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people who united to lift high the name of Jesus. The revivals of 2023 are not over, but spreading everywhere is a hunger for more than this world offers.”

Attendees at Amplify Festival

Amplify began in 2012 with the ambition to bring people together to glorify God, at a free event where all are welcome. In the last decade, Amplify has attracted tens of thousands for the sole purpose of introducing as many people as possible to the Gospel message of Jesus.

“The Church has been plenty loud about many things while being silent on what matters most. It’s time for the world to know that Jesus welcomes everyone to find forgiveness, hope, love, and salvation,” said Hall. “Across the nation, believers are loud about many important things — from issues of education, justice, politics or social issues — but the Good News of the Gospel is often missing.

Further, those who need Jesus are made to feel like our enemies rather than image-bearers of God, worthy of dignity and respect. Before anything changes, there must be a heart change in the Church, overflowing into a heart change in society that can only come through a relationship with Jesus.”

Amplify Pulse

Before the festival took place, Pulse held a Make Jesus Known training session to equip local leaders to share the Gospel. During the festival, Pulse 100 young evangelists gathered for additional outreach, training and prayer.

At the event, volunteers prayed with attendees. In just two days, over 1,230 people responded to the Gospel message using printed cards. 885 marked a first-time commitment. Another 746 texted in wanting to take a next step with Jesus as well. And, there were 250 people who went through training seminars.

Pulse has announced that a new outreach event at the Arkansas State Fair will take place, with several smaller rallies planned on college campuses across the state.

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