The in-flight entertainment is usually nothing to write home about, in our experience. You end up watching some mediocre movie that you either didn’t care about or you have already seen.

In our case, we usually end up dozing off, which is nice. It is always awesome to wake up and realize that we have already reached our chosen destination. This story turned out a bit different, though.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The passengers on this flight were treated to something a little bit better than some old boring movies that will induce a nap. As a matter of fact, we are somewhat jealous of these passengers because of the performance that they were treated to.

Fortunately for them, the good folks at Stellenbosch University Choir were on hand to serenade them.

Photo: Facebook/Corlie van Aswegen

Thanks to the efforts of Corlie van Aswegen, we are now able to see this one for ourselves. If not, we never would have believed a word of this.

Can you imagine how you would react if you had a friend come off a flight and tell you this? “Yes, we were treated to an onboard performance by this amazing choir, man, you should have been there to see it. It was one of the coolest things that I have ever been a part of.”

Photo: Facebook/Corlie van Aswegen

This would never happen to us but other people seem to have all of the luck. We have watched this performance a few times now and we are still struggling to fully wrap our minds around it. We have so many follow-up questions that we want to ask.

For starters, isn’t it hard to summon the will to perform at such a high altitude? Wouldn’t that affect their voices or something? We are not musically gifted so we have no idea. It’s just hard to imagine being able to sing that well in a scenario like this. This choir is one of the most gifted collectives that we have seen in some time.

They sang “Weeping” by Bright Blue and once it was shared on Facebook, it wasn’t long before it was uploaded to Reddit as well.

This South African choir has 80 to 100 singers and they are one of the most well-known in their country.

stellenbosch university choir gave passengers on their flight a stunning performance of weeping by bright blue
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What do you think of their performance? Let us know!

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