We have all been kids before and we have all had the chance to find out more about the special properties that helium balloons have to offer.

This is the story of a young man from the Kings College Choir, as he is here to show off his amazing range. Of course, he’s got a little bit of help but we doubt that anyone who watches this video is going to mind.

Photo: YouTube/KingsCollegeChoir

The hilarious moment took place during a performance of the Gregorio Allegri aria “Miserere, mei, Deus.” It’s not the type of song where you would expect to see a balloon come out at but that is just how life goes sometimes. You have to learn how to expect the unexpected.

The boy had a big yellow balloon hidden behind his back and we are shocked no one saw it ahead of time. Once you see it come out from behind his back, you will be hard-pressed not to laugh.

Photo: YouTube/KingsCollegeChoir

We knew what was coming at that time but we still could not keep ourselves from laughing. He inhales deeply and comes back to the performance with the absolutely perfect pitch. Of course, this was a great choice for the composition in question.

It requires a higher pitch and this young man was not going to be able to comply with that on his own. We can understand where you are coming from on this one, buddy. Chaplain Richard Lloyd Morgan has more about this practice and we are going to be perfectly honest with our readers about this particular topic. We were today years old when we learned this. Forgive us if this is common knowledge.

Photo: YouTube/KingsCollegeChoir

“The complexity of the regulations involved mean that it really is no longer practical to have young boys singing in the choir. This is a great shame because high male voices have been part of the choirs sound for more than 500 years. After a lengthy consultation process during which we learned that the surgical solution was surprisingly unpopular with the choral scholars, somebody in the chemistry department came up with a very simple solution and now all we need is a very large tank of helium,” Morgan shares in the video below:

You can watch the performance for yourself below:

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